Altering trajectories, changing lives.

On a daily basis, we are altering these kids' trajectories towards a rich, full life.

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Our programs

Working in balance.

A balance of clinical supervision and engaging activities to build mind and spirit.

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Our Programs

One on one attention.

Every child becomes part of our family, but each is treated as a unique individual.

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Our programs


Every child needs an extended family.

My Extended Family gives children from single-parent homes the stability they desperately crave to grow and excel, with programs designed to bring joy and stability into a child’s life.

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After School Programs

Our after school programs, field trips, and holiday programs give children a healthy environment to grow and thrive, and a dynamic place for them to learn about their heritage.

one on one

Clinical Services

By paying individual attention to each child, under the supervision of our clinical directors, we can monitor all aspects their well-being — physical, emotional, mental, and financial.

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In School Services

Therapeutic groups gather in schools/yeshivas and are facilitated by trained social workers and social work interns. We provide a sense of belonging, while teaching the skills needed to problem solve, increase self-esteem and help lead a secure path to a healthy well-being and stability.

To raise children today that are healthy and stable, our extended family can make all the difference.

After School Program

Friendship, group mentoring, and activities in the crucial hours after school.

Individual Mentoring

Trained interns help children to succeed under clinical supervision.

Big Brother Big Sister

High school volunteers work one-on-one with boys and girls during activities.

Yomim Tovim & Holidays

Shabbos meals, Chol HaMoed trips, and Chanukah and Purim events.


Reaching out to schools and teachers to help our kids work through issues.

Parenting Classes

Empowering parents in their challenging role as single parents.

The time to act is now, when a shift in direction can change the course of an entire life.

Through no fault of their own, these children are at a 5-times greater risk of being lost to their heritage, and suffer from involvement with drugs and other problems. We have them now: as young people we get them on a healthy trajectory toward a stable, purposeful life.

Celebrating big days together


A chance to express themselves


Big sisters become part of the family


Help with homework


Fostering a sense of achievement


Learning about their heritage


We learn to help each other


A trip to the shofar factory


Rewards for achievement


Making friends for life


Fun trips build friendships


What's happening at MYEF


Meet a few of our children

The best case for our programs is made by the young people who are benefitting from them.

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After the divorce, Shaindy and her four siblings are all living with her mother. But it’s too much — the mother is stressed from supporting the family while raising five children. As the oldest, Shaindy is b...


As told by Sara’s mother. Sara*, a 7 year old girl loves fairy tales. She can tell you all about Snow White, Sleep-ing Beauty and Rapunzel. Sometimes though she gets confused with the details. That’s becaus...


Here is Mordechai’s story as told by Rabbi Daniel Drandoff MFT, Clinical Director: Mordechai lives with his mother and younger sister. A kind neighbor in-formed Mordechai’s mother of the great services MYEF ...

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MYEF is designed for young children from age 8 up to early teens.

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