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Giving children from single-parent homes the full-family experience

Providing a healthy, dynamic environment with activities that foster growth through joy, and stability.

Giving children from single-parent homes the full-family experience

Providing a healthy, dynamic environment with activities that foster growth through joy, and stability.
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Programs Per Week

...and our Family keeps growing!

For boys and girls ages 6 to 13, from single-parent homes.

Crown Heights · Five Towns · Flatbush · Monsey · Teaneck · Boro Park · South Florida

Every child needs a loving family.

My Extended Family focuses its energies on making large and lasting impacts on children from single-parent homes through its community-building services and advocacy work.

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Our mentors direct children through difficult situations, providing advice, advocacy, and referrals as needed for camp, school, etc.


Our weekly extracurricular programs, trips, and events provide much-needed peer connection, building children up through social interactions.


In select cases, we supply home support, targeting areas that would make a difference in a child’s health and safety.


Life skills training for children and classes for parents enable individual children and their families to move forward in life stronger than before.


Our team connects families with human resources such as tutors, case managers, and others, to relieve stress and other burdens.

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When a parent is missing, we are there.

To raise children today who are healthy and stable, partnering with our extended family can make all the difference.
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About Us

Single parents working to cover both roles can find themselves spread thin when it comes to critical resources, like time, attention, and money. My Extended Family addresses needs experienced by children from single-parent homes, helping fill in the gaps with comprehensive and preventative support in a safe, caring environment. The programs My Extended Family runs include homework help, school advocacy, big brother/sister mentorship, and more. Our main focus is on providing a warm, wholesome space where children can connect and thrive.

My Extended Family is led by a core group of passionate professionals who understand the special needs of the families we serve. They, in turn, oversee a highly motivated team of counselors, mentors, and volunteers that make our youth feel like they’ve come home. Read More.

Founders and Leaders

Our Services

My Extended Family programming focuses on the needs of children from single-parent homes. We provide a safe, healthy environment where kids can explore new interests, connect with a community of peers, and receive positive attention and assistance from mentors.

Teen Programming

Building friendships with peers is critical for teenagers.

After School Programs

After school hours can be difficult ones for children in single parent families.

Individual Mentoring

Some children can use a little extra support.

Big Brother Big Sister

Building a family through individual connection.

Family Care

For interventions to succeed, children require holistic support.

Events, Trips, & Yomim Tovim

Having fun on meaningful days like Holidays goes a long way.

Educational Support

Everything is easier when you have someone in your corner.

Parenting Classes

Being a single parent can be as rewarding as any other form of parenting.
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Support The Children

Your support helps us spare children from a profound emotional desperation that robs them of their hope and compromises their future as healthy members of our community.

Volunteers make a difference

Help the kids who need it most while getting to go on cool trips and activities!
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