• Calmer Home David is so much calmer when he gets home from the program. It's really made a big difference. Relieved Parent
  • Back to Normal After the divorce, I never thought we'd get back to normal. But we've been able to, thanks to MYEF. Grateful Mom
  • Big Sister Rachel always wanted a big sister to talk to. Now she has one. Chana H.
  • Happy in School For the first time in months, Aryeh is looking forward to going to school in the morning. Moshe Greenbaum

Our Vision

The hallmark of our organization has been our creative gatherings and events which create an inviting wholesome atmosphere conducive to cultivating life supporting relationships. Our carefully planned programs focus on the well being of the children in a safe welcoming environment.

Our Mission

The wholesome ambiance at MYEF breeds a secure, supportive group in a natural setting, creating a loving Extended Family, even for children from single parent families.


The Staff

MYEF is led by a core group of passionate professionals who understand the special needs of the families we serve. They, in turn, oversee a highly motivated team of counselors, mentors and volunteers that make our youth feel like they’ve come home.

Join Us

We accept applications for membership from parents throughout the year. Membership includes virtually all our programs, including the After School Program, Big Brother/Big Sister, Mentoring, holiday parties and much more.