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  • Calmer Home
    David is so much calmer when he gets home from the program. It’s really made a big difference.
    Relieved Parent
  • Back to Normal
    After the divorce, I never thought we’d get back to normal. But we’ve been able to, thanks to MYEF.
    Grateful Mom
  • Big Sister
    Rachel always wanted a big sister to talk to. Now she has one.
    Chana H.
  • Happy in School
    For the first time in months, Aryeh is looking forward to going to school in the morning.
    Moshe Greenbaum

After School Program

Provides supervision during the crucial hours after school and before the parent comes home from work.

  • Weeknights, Monday – Thursday
  • Help with homework
  • Activities
  • Field trips

Our Mission

One-on-in weekly sessions and follow-up calls, under the supervision of our clinical directors and prominent rabbonim.

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Follow up calls
  • Friendly relationship