• Calmer Home David is so much calmer when he gets home from the program. It's really made a big difference. Relieved Parent
  • Back to Normal After the divorce, I never thought we'd get back to normal. But we've been able to, thanks to MYEF. Grateful Mom
  • Big Sister Rachel always wanted a big sister to talk to. Now she has one. Chana H.
  • Happy in School For the first time in months, Aryeh is looking forward to going to school in the morning. Moshe Greenbaum

Imagine how hard it must be for a child whose parent is deceased or whose parents are entangled in a bitter divorce? Through no fault of their own, these children lose the safety of an available and loving adult. They are at greater risk of dropping out, losing their path and finding “comfort” in destructive places, ultimately abandoning their family, friends and community. My Extended Family​ provides comprehensive and preventative real time support to these children, in a safe and caring environment. We provide the tools to help them not only cope, but also to thrive. We provide assistance and nurturing for the child, filling in the gaps and void that may exist at home. Our aim is to ensure that the child is cared for, eventually graduates successfully, and that he or she remains connected to their family, their roots and the community. I invite you to join us in our mission, to help surround every Jewish child with the love and support he or she needs. - Rebbetzin Tzippy Vigler, Director of Educational Programming