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Facing the Struggle


Why are some kids born smart, wealthy and healthy whilst others are challenge, poor and handicapped; some have it easy, others struggle?

Why are some kids born into single parent homes and have to be embarrassed because they don’t get to hear kiddush on Friday night from their Abba like all the other kids do? Why do some kids bear the guilt of feeling how they are the cause of their parents fighting? Why do some kids have to be at their parent’s Levaya and live with longing their whole lives?
Dovid Hamelechsays in Tehillim: כוננו גבר מצעדי ’מה. Man’s footsteps are guided by G-d. Every step of the way, ev- ery challenge you face, is unique to you because your Neshama has a certain Avo- da to do and a goal in life. The place you live, the parents you are born to, the chal- lenges you face, are all part of your Avoda. In Chassidic teachings, Am Yisroel is compared to a body, with a head, heart, arms, legs and heels. Clearly the head and heart are critical organs for survival unlike the heel.
Yet in a healthy body the heel never competes with the brain and heart. They both realize they are part of one whole complement one another. The heel supports the body and the brain thinks.
The Avos are like the brain, the Tanaim and Amoraim are the foundation of Am Yisroel. We today, are more like the heel but we don’t compete with the brain, we work together, we complement each other.
The same to all individuals. We each have a different mission. I don’t know why some are born with more struggles than others – but I do know that whatever challenge you have is because your soul is meant to overcome that, and nothing is random. Herein lies the art of Chinuch; to make each child feel unique. If our children feel in touch with their own selves and their own Neshamos, they that their challenges are G-d’s mission to them, then they have the power to deal with anything that comes their way.
At MYEF we empower children from single parent homes to see their strengths to understand their uniqueness and en- sure a successful and stable future.
I invite you to join us in ensuring that no Jewish child falls between the cracks because every child is unique in the eyes of Hashem!

— Rabbi Yosef Vigler

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