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Yossi found it very hard to concentrate in Yeshiva. After coming to My extended family for 3 weeks his Rebbi has already seen a massive improvement. Thanks for everything!!!!

Dear Tali

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dear tali

Dear Tali, My younger brother always bothers me. I try to tell my mother, but she’s sometimes busy and sometimes she can’t stop him even when she tries. My father was niftar a few years ago. I get angry when no one can help me and I beat him up. In school I never fight, it’s just with my brother. … Read More

Does Hashem love struggle?


chinuch corner

Hashem created us to be challenged, as Chazal say “דלוי‭ ‬למעל םדא”. One day, a donkey fell into a pit. The animal cried and whined for hours while his owner tried to figure out what to do. Finally, the farmer decided that since the animal was old, and the pit needed to be covered up anyway, he would just bury … Read More

A Chat with Menachem Hojda

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chat with menachem hojda

Menachem Hojda works as a social worker in his community. As a teenager, Menachem experienced the divorce of his parents, which has influenced his outlook on life in many ways.  Can you tell us a little about yourself? My name is Menachem Hojda, I am boruch hashem married, and have two wonderful children. Today, I work in my community as … Read More

Boiled By Our Challenges



Slam! Went the door as Sari came in. “It’s not fair,” she yelled out loud. “Rochel was picked for the leading role in the class play, I got my history report back today and I only got a B. I am sure I deserved an A+, Ms. Levy just doesn’t like me! Everything is going wrong today!” Bubby, who was … Read More

Ask the Clinical Director


QUESTION: As Yom Tov nears, I worry about my kids. Tishrei has the added stress of shopping, cooking, building a Sukka, family visiting and kids starting and then having days off from school. My husband and I work full time and Pre-Yuntiff is always stressful in our home. I’m worried my children observe my husband and I bickering and stressing … Read More

Facing the Struggle

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Why are some kids born smart, wealthy and healthy whilst others are challenge, poor and handicapped; some have it easy, others struggle? Why are some kids born into single parent homes and have to be embarrassed because they don’t get to hear kiddush on Friday night from their Abba like all the other kids do? Why do some kids bear … Read More