Family Support

  • Calmer Home David is so much calmer when he gets home from the program. It's really made a big difference. Relieved Parent
  • Back to Normal After the divorce, I never thought we'd get back to normal. But we've been able to, thanks to MYEF. Grateful Mom
  • Big Sister Rachel always wanted a big sister to talk to. Now she has one. Chana H.
  • Happy in School For the first time in months, Aryeh is looking forward to going to school in the morning. Moshe Greenbaum

We do everything we can to support our families, including school placements, weekly food packages, case management, clothing, shopping for camp, and weekly avos ubanim program. Whatever these families need to provide a safe and secure environment for their children we are happy to assist.

We help our kids get ready for summer camp.