Mentorship Program

  • Calmer Home David is so much calmer when he gets home from the program. It's really made a big difference. Relieved Parent
  • Back to Normal After the divorce, I never thought we'd get back to normal. But we've been able to, thanks to MYEF. Grateful Mom
  • Big Sister Rachel always wanted a big sister to talk to. Now she has one. Chana H.
  • Happy in School For the first time in months, Aryeh is looking forward to going to school in the morning. Moshe Greenbaum

The Clinical Director supervises a group of interns who become big brothers/sisters to the children. Each intern can mentor an average of 12 children. The Clinical Director receives constant reports on the progress of each child and meets with the interns one hour a week and reports progress back to the college. The college then guides the interns based on the feedback, ensuring they provide the children with the best care and support.

Plan and Details

Once a week the children meet one on one with the interns. The interns also meet the child during the weekly group program and monitor and track the children’s emotional and scholastic development over the year.

The interns provide the children with skills on how to deal with emotional changes that affect their wellbeing. Children are taught how to recognize and channel feelings of anger, hurt, abandonment and other deep emotions. They also assist the children with their academics, learning with the children and ensuring they stay current and excel in their academic achievements. Parents are updated weekly about child progress and made aware of any concerns.

The children will also meet once a week in a group setting with the mentors. After the group meeting the children get a mission and are motivated to complete it with points that can be used for gifts.

Using the flagship mentorship program as a tool, we are able to identify the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of each child, design a tailored program to address those needs and track their progress throughout the process.