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As told by Sara’s mother.

Sara*, a 7 year old girl loves fairy tales. She can tell you all about Snow White, Sleep-ing Beauty and Rapunzel. Sometimes though she gets confused with the details. That’s because she can’t read.

When Sara was little her father would read to her at bed-time, an activity they both enjoyed. Since Sara’s parent’s separation two years ago the bedtimes stories have stopped. Sara’s mother has done ev-erything she can to help Sara and her siblings but there’s only so much she can do. With limited hours in the day and lots of responsibilities she lacked the wherewithal to help Sara with her reading skills.

Since a loving friend recommended MYEF Sara has started reading. MYEF’s weekly pro-gramming provides homework help and MYEF paired Sara up with a Big Sister to help Sara with her reading skills. With the help and guidance MYEF provided not only is Sara do-ing great but with MYEF’s assistance Sara’s mother now has the tools to better help Sara as well. Sara is read-ing so well that when she was reeval-uated at the end of the school year she is now reading at grade level!


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